Refrigerator Bike

Saturday started out slow.  Henry and I did not even leave the house until 5:00 pm.  Thankfully, we found a way to make the most of the afternoon.

Creve Coeur Lake is in one of the best parks in all of St. Louis.  They have an expansive beach along the north and east side of the lake and a trails all around.  After a few minutes of debating whether to explore the lake on a kayak or the trails on bikes, we rented a Quadricyle.

Henry was excited by the Quadricyle (he referred to it as a refrigerator bike) though he was a bit bored at times because there was so little that he could actually do.  A few times, he pulled the hand brake.  This was a little frustrating because the bike was not easy to pedal (I am sorry for getting mad).


We went to Whole Foods for dinner and ice cream.  Henry was very generous in running our cups back and forth to the filtered water machine for refills.  Generous to the point that he was expecting and empty cup upon his return.

Henry and I finished the evening with a cup of gelato.  Henry went for strawberry which may be his third favorite flavor after vanilla and mint chocolate chip.  At one point, Henry was so excited by his ice cream that he proclaimed that there was a party in my tummy.


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