First rollercoaster

Henry had a chance to ride his first true roller coaster at Six Flags during a visit with the cousins. Henry enjoyed the ride, but was not interested in the big rides thereafter.

Thankfully he was ready for the Ferris wheel and the tiny train.



Polar Bear

Me: (looking at a picture of a polar bear)

Me: Do you know what that is?

Henry: A bear

Me: What kind of bear:

Henry: A snow bear


The Great American Solar Eclipse was the story of the year (excluding politics), but unfortunately, Henry is just too young to view it safely.

Visitation did take advantage of the day and gave the kids to learn more about the eclipse through art and play.

The region will experience another eclipse in seven years, so we have that too look forward to.

Henry Eclipse


Henry has long used two forms of Daddy.  The first was the traditional Daddy and the second involved a more pronounced second syllable or Da-Di.  The Da-Di was used for emphasis generally or to express frustration with me.

But both forms seems to have disappeared in favor of another form which includes a silent dd.  Instead of Daddy, it sounds like Da-i.

Incidentally, Henry still pronounces the mm in Mommy.


A few more phrases that Henry has used lately with thought on the context.

Coming right up…

I am not sure where coming right up came from but he must have heard that from someone.

Oh, not again…

Not much to say about this.  Henry has discovered that there are phrases that make us laugh.  He waits for the laugh, and then joins in on the fun.

I see a pick-up truck on this map…

Henry said this while helping me assemble a toy rental truck from Home Depot.  I am not sure where he heard the phrase pick-up truck.  Henry knows the word instructions, but I never would have guess he knew the word map.

What are you laughing about?

Not much to say about this either.

What the fuck just happened?

Henry and I were watching a video of a remote control airplane crash.  It was clear that the owner of the plane was not happy when his plane clipped a helicopter and crashed in to the landing strip.  Henry got the sentiment right, but I did not expect to hear the third word.  In fact, I had to ask him what he said.


Henry is way more hard headed than I ever expected.  He is not afraid to say no regardless of the request.  Tonight, I asked him to go upstairs.  He must have said no 10 times before I finally gave up.

Refrigerator Bike

Saturday started out slow.  Henry and I did not even leave the house until 5:00 pm.  Thankfully, we found a way to make the most of the afternoon.

Creve Coeur Lake is in one of the best parks in all of St. Louis.  They have an expansive beach along the north and east side of the lake and a trails all around.  After a few minutes of debating whether to explore the lake on a kayak or the trails on bikes, we rented a Quadricyle.

Henry was excited by the Quadricyle (he referred to it as a refrigerator bike) though he was a bit bored at times because there was so little that he could actually do.  A few times, he pulled the hand brake.  This was a little frustrating because the bike was not easy to pedal (I am sorry for getting mad).


We went to Whole Foods for dinner and ice cream.  Henry was very generous in running our cups back and forth to the filtered water machine for refills.  Generous to the point that he was expecting and empty cup upon his return.

Henry and I finished the evening with a cup of gelato.  Henry went for strawberry which may be his third favorite flavor after vanilla and mint chocolate chip.  At one point, Henry was so excited by his ice cream that he proclaimed that there was a party in my tummy.


Henry and I had a chance to visit the Webster Days carnival hosted by the Webster Lions club.  Henry had been to Six Flags before, but this was his first true carnival experience.

Our first go was a three-ticket slide, but one time down was more than enough for Henry.  We moved on to the Tea Cups and the kiddie train before playing the fishing game.  Henry fished for sharks before reeling in a No. 2.  He left with a clown fish that he named Minnow.

It took a few times, but eventually I got Henry on the five-ticket Ferris Wheel and he loved it.

His favorite part of the carnival though was certainly the car ride.  I am sure that I loved the same ride when I was his age.

In the end, we were there for almost two hours.  Total cost: $53.